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Customer Testimonials

Truly Good People
Truly good people here! The great customer service began when we met Anne last night as we dropped by to look at cars, continued as Tim took the time to show us several cars and talk through the options, and was repeated when talking with Todd this morning. Despite the stress and loss due to the fire, we were able to finalize our purchase today and drive the car off the lot. Tim, Anne and Todd all took the time to visit with us this afternoon. We recommend Motor Café to anyone thinking of making a vehicle purchase!
Colin and Beth

They Are Nice!
I actually enjoyed meeting Tim, Anne and Todd. Todd was most helpful and I am very glad to be able to recommend Motor Cafe. The 2004 Chrysler Sebring I purchased is a fine car. I am very happy with the price and the quality. Todd was also very helpful with my trade. I would not hesitate to buy another car from these good people. They are nice!
Lyn Hartman

Great Service!
Hi Annie & Tim,

I want to thank you (and also Jason) for fixing my car. It has made that obnoxious clunking noise since I bought it, and it has continually gotten worse over the years. I cannot tell you how nice it is to ride in it now, I'm still marveling about all the times that I say to myself, something is wrong, and actually, it's the noise that is gone! I love my car. It's nice to have someplace to bring it to be fixed where you actually trust the people working on it! Your shop is so cute too. Great experience over all :) Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the season and I hope to see you sometime.

Thank you again!
Ellen Dahlquist

How car buying should be!
THIS is how car buying should be. Literally stumbled across this gem of a dealership on the internet. Can't speak highly enough of them; bought a great vehicle at a great price. Staff are genuine, honest, fair and low pressure. This will absolutely be the place I go for my next vehicle and would highly recommend them to any family member or friend.
Thank you!
Liz G.

Highly recommended!
Laurent Motor Cafe was highly recommended to me by a co-worker who said I could view their entire inventory of cars online. The Volvo we found online became a test drive without any pressure from salesmen on the lot. The car was immaculate and perfect for us! The mechanic on-site, Jason Keene, was helpful in going over the car's history and upkeep. Tim Laurent helped us finance and finish the purchase of this car. We are fully satisfied with the car and highly recommend the Motor Cafe to anyone searching for the right used car. Tim Laurent went above and beyond the normal ?nice? bringing integrity and trust to the table. An overall positive experience!
Robin K

My experience with Tim and Anne could not have been better.
Dear Laurent Motor Cafe Team
After having conducted a few month search with some well known dealerships, and not finding a suitable vehicle.I went on line and stumbled upon a vehicle that I was really excited about. I was not familiar with the Laurent Motor Cafe. I asked around and few knew, but the reviews are great! I decided to contact them. The location was so convenient to my place in Plymouth. My experience with Tim and Anne could not have been better. The entire process was fast and pain free. I left in a fabulous vehicle that I am loving! I recently went back to have the service department (Jason & Rubin) place the new license plates on. That was easy enough, but then something happened.... they just went ahead and gave me the reassurance for what I can expect if anything is needed in the future. We opened the hood and I was given the basics, which was very reassuring as I have limited knowledge, that's their department & they have the experience! You know that feeling you get when you know something is really right? I left with that feeling, and a smile for the great new discovery and new relationship & that "I love my new car!" excitement.
Thank you all so much
Lynn S., June 2015

worked well with our Wings Financial Credit Union...
Stopped in on a whim to look at a Mazda cx7. Within 24 hours my husband Greg had a 2014 Chevy Equionx. With all the bells and whistles he could imagine. They worked well with our Wings Financial Credit Union for a seamless transaction. We received a great deal and they took in our messy little trade. Very fair and friendly to work with.
Laura & Greg Swenson
Delano, MN

my "Go To" dealership for life
Motor Café is officially my "Go To" dealership for life when it comes to used cars. Not only was my car $2000 cheaper than any one else, the service I received was unmatchable!!! Tim worked diligently to get me approved for the car I wanted. His wife was friendly and gives the office a home like feel! These big lots have nothing on Motor Café! I have three kids staggering their way to driving age and will be honored to get their cars from Tim and Anne!!!!!
Mindy Klotz

"Peace of mind"
"Peace of mind" These 3 words some up our experience with the Motor Cafe and the Laurents. I am always wary of purchasing a car, much less a used one, because of the, not so subtle, pressure to make a decision THAT DAY! ...plus the phrase "I've got to run this by my manager"...which ends up consuming much of my day. I checked out the Motor Cafe based on a referral. I have purchased numerous new and used vehicles in my 67 years and I venture to say that this was a positive experience. Fast forward, I didn't see exactly what I wanted in their inventory so I submitted a request for a low mileage, loaded, Chev Equinox. After a few weeks and a couple of trials, Tim Laurent located the vehicle which we have been happily driving the last 2 months. Lastly, our daughter's 2004 Toyota needed some emergency repairs and Jessie, in service diagnosed and did the repairs promptly without "add ons." Small dealer, big heart and ethics. "Nice" indeed.
Scotty T.
Minnetrista, MN

Exceptional customer service!
Thank you so much for the exceptional customer service! We are so grateful for your friendly assistance and "whatever-it-takes" attitude! Tim, Randy, and the crew have our BOLD recommendations.
We LOVE our new Audi!
Tabby DeLaRosby

I would highly recommend Motor Cafe
I would highly recommend Motor Cafe, to any of my closest friends and family. From the start the staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about about the fleet of cars on their lot. Once i found a car i loved. they worked with me without being pushy. In other words they have a customer for life and sure my friends and family would agree.
P.S.I love my 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora runs like a champ!!!!....
Michael Kaliszewski

A perfect example of how it SHOULD be done!

July, 2013

I decided to visit Motor Cafe primarily because I had read such glowing reviews on this site. Because I had done my research, my expectations of how I would be treated were very high to begin with, but Tim (and everyone else) managed to meet - and even exceed - all of those expectations. From the time I walked in the door and sat down by his desk, I was treated just like an old friend, and not just a prospect. Tim took all the time necessary to listen to where I was coming from... what I was looking for... and how much I was comfortable spending. There was NO rush to go out and look at vehicles. Only when he had completely heard me out did we go outside to look at what he had available. Never once did I feel pressure to go toward any specific vehicle. He let me do all the looking that I needed to do and even put up with all of my "thinking out loud" about what vehicle I was leaning towards. When I ultimately decided on a vehicle that was a couple thousand dollars less than what I was prepared to spend, there was no pressure to "upgrade" to something that would have been within the price range I was looking for. The actual process of completing the paperwork was quick and professionally handled. But after the sale was completed was when I really saw the genuineness and helpfulness kick into high gear. Instead of taking the check... handing me the keys... and ushering me out the door as quick as possible, Tim patiently took a LOT of time to talk with me about a future vehicle purchase that I'm contemplating for my daughter. He shared freely and candidly from his deep well of knowledge about the used car industry and really gave me the info that I needed to feel confident about making a wise decision when it does come time to buy a vehicle for my daughter. Not only did we talk about cars and the process of buying one, we spent time talking about business. Because I spent a couple decades as a small business consultant, I know what qualities are so critically important in creating an atmosphere that makes your prospects and customers feel like you really do have their best interests in mind. Tim and I openly talked at length about the values that he has worked so hard to make a part of the fabric of Motor Cafe. In an industry that often has a negative reputation, Tim and his team have really created a business that defies all of those stereotypes. The customer really does come first here... and every person who walks through their doors is treated like a valued friend. I can wholeheartedly recommend Motor Cafe as a great place to go if you're looking for a good, reliable used car from honest people who really live up to their motto, "Because we're nice!" Motor Cafe really is a perfect example of how it SHOULD be done!
Jon Eklof

We will be back!
Laurent Motor Café,
We've bought 3 vehicles from you, and they are great!! We keep coming back to you because of the family feeling we get walking in the door. You are an amazing business family. Thank-you for the great service.
We will be back!
Vicki E.

Very accommedating!

February 16, 2013

Purchased a quality commuter car from Tim. He was very accommedating, sought to understand my circumstances and provided several options for me that he thought would best suit me. He allowed me to browse the lot on my own and drive anything I was interested in with no sales pressure. He also got me some great financing. I would recommend Motor Cafe to anyone I know.
Thank you very much!

The Motor Cafe family really IS nice
The Motor Cafe family really IS nice--from their cozy office and friendly service to the care they take of you and your new vehicle and the honesty with which they present the details of the automobile you are about to purchase. It's worth the trip out to Loretto to buy a car from Motor Cafe--there's no haggling over prices, and the drive is beautiful!
Elizabeth B,
Mpls., Mn

I couldn't be happier
I purchased my first car from Motor Cafe about a month ago, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy from them. Tim was very helpful, and his knowledge of his vehicles is nothing short of astounding. He answered all of my questions, addressed all my concerns, and helped me get the best deal I possibly could. I was a bit nervous about buying used, but I've had my car inspected, and there were absolutely no problems found. Everyone at Motor Cafe is honest, upfront, and eager to get you everything you need, and I wholeheartedly recommend LMC to anyone looking to buy.
Mpls., Mn

Fast, friendly, trustworthy, and fun!
Motor cafe was fast, friendly, trustworthy, and fun! I would refer this place to my own mama! Love my new car and I feel satisfied with the deal not to mention i can bring my car back for certain repairs at a low low cost. As if motor cafe didnt do enough for me already they took a window motor from another car and fixed it on the spot! now i can simply hit the road and smile! thanks motor cafe!
:) Dianna

We love the car we bought!
July, 2012

Hi Tim (and Anne, even though we didn’t get to meet you) I don’t really know how car buying got to be so unpleasant, but it’s been that way since I can remember. Was it the customers, always trying to beat down the price of a car. Or, was it the sales people never wanting a customer to leave before buying a car, offering a lower and lower price, or pawning off a lemon as a sweet ride.

However it started, the relationship between car sellers and buyers has been strained and suspicious. Because of that, I am rather cynical when it comes to car buying. Yesterday, my wife and I were car shopping and the Motor Café was on our list of places to check out. We were running late and got there 10 minutes after closing. Lucky for us, Tim was still working in the office. Even though it was after hours he allowed us to spend as much time as we needed to look over your inventory. He answered all of our questions about the cars and their histories and took the time to show us every car on the lot that was in our price range.

As a retired law enforcement officer, I believe I have developed some level of skill in judging a person’s honesty, integrity and motivation. My wife, Debbie, is also an excellent judge of character. Based on our interaction and dealings with Tim, we would highly recommend the Motor Café to family and friends for their next vehicle purchase. It was a pleasure doing business with Tim and we feel like we have established a positive business relationship…and it truly feels like we have made a new friend.

We love the car we bought, at a reasonable price, from a stand-up guy. We don’t normally purchase an extended service plan, due to the high cost of the plans that offer minimal coverage. However, the price of the plan Tim offered and the services it covered was excellent. I now have peace of mind where I don’t have to worry about an expensive, unexpected breakdown, and the price of the plan was very fair.

Dave & Debbie

Service was perfect!
Hello Tim and Anne,
I want to thank you for helping me find a vehicle in such time of need, your service was perfect and your attitude was not of a salesperson but a friend that cares about the situation a person is in. I am very happy with the vehicle and all I can say is god bless and thank you with all my heart, you are all in our prayers every night, I would send any person i know to come see you if they were shopping for a vehicle.
Jerry M

Thank you for making things so easy
just a short note to say thank you for making things so easy for my son Garretts first car purchase. When we are ready to get my wifes new car we will definitely come see you!
Thanks again.

I would recommend Tim to anyone
I am currently deployed to iraq and am scheduled to be home for leave in january. i currently own a volkswagon bug and have spend hours online looking for a low priced suv. i made many attempts to purchase an suv from a private owner with no success. I was hoping to purchase an suv before all the good deals where gone as the snow is about to fall. i was was on craigs list and found a nice looking jeep. i sent an email to motor cafe and received a response stating they still had the jeep in stock. that following monday i called and tallked to Tim and after a few hickups i was able to purchase the jeep. He even offered to hold the jeep at his dealership until i return on leave. Tim was very helpful and patient as the purchase took some work. I have recommended him to one of my fellow soldiers who is looking for a car for his son. I hope to deal with Tim in the future in that i have a 15 year old daughter who will soon be driving. I would recommend Tim to anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle.
SGT Glidwell
Army National Guard

Pleasant buying experience!
Thanks again for a pleasant buying experience on the 2003 Grand Am. The car has been great. I recieved the license tabs today and a check for over pytment on the tabs. I appreciate the honesty!!

Very pleasant buying experience!
I would like to relate my very pleasant buying experience at the Laurent Motor Cafe. I was intensively searching for a used vehicle that was in our budget and was continually disappointed in the vehicles I found. None of them matched the description/condition that was advertised. This was both from private sellers and dealerships. After more searching I found a car at this dealership that looked very interesting. I had several phone conversations with Tim Laurent before I was even willing to drive across town to see it since I was frustrated at wasting time and gas. I was not disappointed once I got there. His advertisement and description were totally accurate. Upon arriving there Tim merely introduced himself and handed me the keys and let me look at whatever I wanted. No hovering over me, no pressure, just the simple statement to see him if I had any questions. I was able to poke/prod/inspect and test drive all on my own. Long story short I purchased the vehicle. Tim says he "cherry picks" what vehicles he sells and does his very best to keep the price down. I truly believe this as I have checked comparable vehicles afterwards and am still very happy that I received a very good value. Laurent Motor Cafe will be the first call we make for any future purchases. We give permission to them to provide our home phone number to anyone who may want to contact us about this reference.
Thank You
Jim and Helen Davidson
Arden Hills, MN

Laurent Motor Cafe
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